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Day 1 (Monday, July 8, 2019)

8.30-8.40am Welcome Note – Ali Khademhosseini (UCLA, CNSI)

Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

Ali Khademhosseini (UCLA, CNSI)
Zhen Gu (UCLA) – Leverage Physiology for Bioresponsive Drug Delivery
Utkan Demirci (Stanford) – Innovative Tools to Isolate Extracelluar Vesicles for Broad Applications in Liquid Biopsy and Cardiovascular Research
Lunch and Networking
Yvonne Chen (UCLA) – Engineering Next-Generation T Cells for Cancer Immunotherapy
Ke Cheng (NCSU) – Next-Generation Therapies for Heart and Lung Diseases: Cells, Secretome, and Exosomes
Nasim Annabi (UCLA)
Amir Ghaemmaghami (Nottingham University) – Immune-Instructive Biomaterials for Medical Applications
Reception Dinner

Day 2 (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

Microfluidics and Medical Devices

Rustem F. Ismagilov (Caltech)
Pei-Yu Chiou (UCLA) – Arbitrarily Shaped, Deep Sub-wavelength Acoustic Microparticle and Cell Patterning
Tzung Hsiai (UCLA)
Huan Meng (UCLA) – Development Silicasome Platform for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Lunch and Poster Session
Abe Lee (UC Irvine)
Leyla Esfandiari (University of Cincinnati)
Aydogan Ozcan (UCLA) – Toward a Thinking Microscope: Deep learning-enabled Computational Microscopy and Sensing
Megan McCain (USC) – Disease Modeling with Engineered Microtissues for Heart and Muscle
Shiladitya Sengupta (MIT)
Dino Di Carlo (UCLA) – Quantum Diagnostics – From Single Cells to Single Molecules

Day 3 (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

Medical Devices and Biomaterials

Sheng Xu (UCSD)
Alireza Moshaverinia (UCLA)
Liangfang Zhang (UCSD)
Heather D. Maynard (UCLA)
Lunch and Poster Session
Yanli Zhao (Nanyang Technological University)
Ellis Meng (USC)
Danilo Dimarchi (Turin, Italy)
Wei Gao (Caltech)
Aydin Babakhani (UCLA)
Ximin He (UCLA)

Day 4 (Thursday, July 11, 2018)

Bio-nanotechnology and Translation and 3D Heals

Leonardo Morsut (USC)
Eun Ji Chung (USC)
Reza Ardehali (UCLA)
Lunch and Poster Session
Sumita Pennathur (UCSB)
Ehsan Jabbarzadeh (University of South Carolina)
Michelle Khine (UC Irvine)
3D Heals

Day 5 (Friday, July 12, 2019)

Nanotechnology, Devices and Materials

Portonovo Ayyaswamy (UPenn)
Paul Weiss (UCLA)
Timothy Deming (UCLA)
Anne Milasincic Andrews (UCLA)
Steve J. Forman (COH)
Weian Zhao (UC Irvine)
Award ceremony and final remarks